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Fashion pet peeves

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If you don’t NEED sleeves you certainly don’t NEED a hood, Rihanna/Alexander Wang!


Another dumb pretty girl making us smart pretty girls look dumb

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megan fox claridges 150609

Recently one of my friends got into an argument with the summer-fling type boy she had acquired. He thought Megan Fox was smart, beautiful, and amazing. She disagreed. It was a “dealbreaker” for her. They have since “parted ways.”

Megan Fox is not particularly smart. I might go SO far as to say she is pretty dumb.  I’m sure anyone who is relatively bright is aware of this fact. But the thing, that’s fascinating, is that she thinks she IS smart. She did THIS interview where she talked about how she is “so confident in her intelligence” that she doesn’t NEED to use big words like Scarlett Johansson. She has this contrived “Fuck them if they don’t understand me” attitude only reserved for the not-so-brighties of the world. The whole thing is painful to watch. She is NAGL for smart girls and needs to be put down.

But, I was definitely impressed to find out she graduated from the top of her class in correspondence (high) school tho!

Be quiet and stay pretty girl!

My break-up letter to Ipods

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Dear Ipods,


I now have had 6 of you stolen out of my car. And while you are “cool” and all, I’m over it. I’ve had the car window smashed, the passenger side door lock broken, beer poured on my car interior all because people like like you so much. I on on other hand, you are EH to me. I’m not stealing babies, kidnapping shopping carts, or shooting up ant hills over you. I am just going to listen to the radio from here on out. Luckily now that “you” exist, no one steals those anymore!



Stop shaving parts of your head, Please.

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Famed VH1 reunion show host Lala Vasquez has followed in the footsteps of Cassie Ventura and decided to randomly shave part of her head as well. Please stop doing this.

This “trend” is about as edgy as the “nose ring.”

Like chocolate but it doesn’t taste good.

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Whats a collab you would be mad into? Soap and chocolate right? Cool. Cause luckily that already exists. It’s called White Chocolate. It’s got the same melt in your mouth capacity as regular chocolate but it tastes like nothing and has the exact same amount of calories. You can chew on a bar of soap tho for zero calories. I am gonna do that instead.

I don’t get silver at all.

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These are some of the greatest earings I have ever seen. But for some strange reason, at the last second SOMEONE decided to ruin them by making them silver. There isn’t a lot of insightful thought processes behind my deep hatred for silver. I simply like gold. Fake gold. Real gold. Gold. It’s prettier. It’s shinier. It is betterer. Silver is for hippies. So are hacky sacks. So is Burning Man. And, you don’t wanna end up there…..DO YOU?