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Khloe and Kourtney: cover girls for NY & NJ’s #1 entertainment magazine?

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OMG! Look at the website for the obviously trashy Steppin’ Out magazine! I love the Kardashians. How did this happen?  Don’t they have “people” now? I should offer to do their PR or something. Holy SADFACE.

OMG are you looking at this WEBSITE?


OMG Rollerblading Rapper’s Delight babies R SEW scary!

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Babies rollerblading to Rapper’s Delight? What does this have to do with Evian water? I can’t. Stop watching. This. What is wrong. With. ME.


Candie’s reaches Bongo Jeans LOW!

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Peep Brit Brit for Candie’s for Candie’s for Kohl’s? Not sure why it look’s like these photos were taken in 1991. I feel Sadface for her. Rest of these strange photos after tha JUMP. Continue reading

Things that aren’t funny confuse me

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I knew this whole Bruno debacle was on it’s way. I hadn’t watched a trailer or anything due to the fact it’s not 1985 and i wasn’t aware that pretending to be flamboyantly gay was still even sorta socially acceptable. And then I went to the movies. And I saw the full trailer.  It was sorta shocking. It was uncomfortable. It wasn’t funny. It was definitely sort of offensive. I looked to my left and right to see other people’s reactions. They were all laughing. It baffled me.

I saw Borat. I’ve watched Ali G. While neither particularly appeals to me, I did see the humor in some of it. It was ridiculous and silly. And while both definitely bordered on offensive. You found yourself more confused by the morality in the whole thing, than it the morality of the character itself.

But this…not so much.


Would you never?

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Sadface, someone thought it would be a good idea to combine gladiator sandals with sneakers. Then they decided to market them to the street wear girl set. Brightside? There is finally another genre of shoes i want even less than gladiator sandals. And these would be them!

Lindsay Lohan turns 23. Wears weirdest outfit ever.

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lindsay lohan bday 280609

Lindsay Lohan had a birthday party to celebrate her 23 years of life and maybe her leggings line, from the looks of the signary. She appears to have chosen to build her strange outfit around her belly button ring. Admirable, yet completely unnerving…

I still don’t get Lady Gaga

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Here is her new mini-movie/video  for her newest single “Paprazzi.” In the 8 minutes, I DID learn that doing dudes on a balcony is NOT safe, no matter how sexy the circumstances. What I did NOT learn is just about everything else I don’t understand about Lady Gaga. I still don’t get if she is trying to be some sort of sex symbol or if she is actually into dudes? Nor do i fully understand what kind of music this is.

But I don’t ever really understand anything fully. Since in general, nothing ever makes any sense.