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Khloe and Kourtney: cover girls for NY & NJ’s #1 entertainment magazine?

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OMG! Look at the website for the obviously trashy Steppin’ Out magazine! I love the Kardashians. How did this happen?  Don’t they have “people” now? I should offer to do their PR or something. Holy SADFACE.

OMG are you looking at this WEBSITE?


Would you never?

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Sadface, someone thought it would be a good idea to combine gladiator sandals with sneakers. Then they decided to market them to the street wear girl set. Brightside? There is finally another genre of shoes i want even less than gladiator sandals. And these would be them!

Sticks and stones will break your bones, but TV divorces will break your heart!

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People has confirmed that the big announcement tonight on Jon and Kate Plus Eight tonight is in fact that they have filed divorce papers. Their separation is apparently already is full effect. And Jon is looking at apartments in the city. (Sadface)

I already miss Jon and Kate. I really loved how they loved each other. It was endearing and real. When there was lipo and hair transplants and following them around on TV appearances, I began to love them less and less. Then once all this began, I simply couldn’t watch it anymore.

I am devastated. Jon and Kate Plus Eight is second, only to Run’s House, as my favorite family reality show.  And this comes RIGHT AFTER another of my favorite TV families, Peter Andre and Jordan split up. If no one lives happily ever after on (reality) TV anymore, than what hope is there for the rest of us?

Rev Run and Justine you are the only thing I have left! Stay together for all “us” kids!

It’s definitely ME :(

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Every time I see girls in those super long dresses, I sort of gasp and sigh and wish I could pull it off.  THEN I finally tried one on and convinced myself I looked really cute and totally normal. But when I got to the register with said dress, Brooke started laughing and wouldn’t let me buy it. I knew she was right deep inside. But I wanted her to be WRONG.

Who looks normal in these things? Short people? Hippies? Is it because I’m neither? Or do my friends hate me and NOT want me to wear long pretty dresses and feel fancy cause they are mean and evil?


I’m so glad this picture isn’t of me

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