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I went to the LA screening of Captured last night. It’s a film by Ben Solomon and Dan Levin, two born and bred Lower East Siders. It documents the documenting of Clayton Patterson. If you aren’t familiar, Patterson isĀ  a photographer and videographer who lived, worked, and “captured” the spirit of the Lower East Side in the 80’s and 90’s and it’s inevitable gentrification in later years. It captured it WELL. It was honest and real. It didn’t hold much back. The archival footage that Patterson gave these boys access to was both shocking and completely brilliant to watch. It’s a story of America. Of the gentrification of so many neighborhoods. It’s a story worth watching. I highly recommend it.

Check out Captured’s official website for more info and future screenings in your town.


“My favorite color is fluorescent beige and I’m here to get my GED.”

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Holy tearjerker. I can’t wait to see Precious! I had to watch this trailer twice to even find Mariah. (She is the guidance counselor.) AND Monique seems like she might be “really good” in this. So if the trailor doesn’t pull at your heart strings, that could be reason to see it alone. It is set for fall distribution. And if you haven’t read Push, you should.

“They are not gonna let you perform naked. I already asked.”

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Drop Dead Gorgeous is a hilarious movie. Let’s all watch it again tons. So that I am able to hilariously reference it on the regular.