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Hair is so boring.

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I am always running out of things to do with my hair. I’ve had virtually the same hair for…YOU KNOW…all of my life. And I don’t do short hair. Period. I’ve gone back and forth with bangs, long bangs, different placed parts. It never really looks ANY different. So I love finding new exciting ideas of things to do with my giant hair. And isn’t this kinda cool? All the girls at the Volcom Denim preview had their hair did up by the Nylon crew with all these bobby pins. It’s kinda really cute. AND easy. I wouldn’t try it at the airport. But a day sans metal detectors should be easy to manage. Right?


So what are people’s thoughts on this?

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So Amber Rose dyed what’s left of her hair turquoise and then attempted to match her entire outfit to her hair.  How often does one get to say “Look my hair matches my watch!”

Image stolen from Concrete Loop.

In case you don’t have the internet yet

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Sometimes-model sometimes-singer and alleged other half of Diddy’s tantric sex Twitter marathons has shaved half her head. Cassie has decided to show the world she is just edgey enough to be different, yet not crazy enough to shave her entire head. Now 1-2-3 let’s all roll our eyes at once and never speak of it again.