This reminds me of when I used to DIG through my mom’s collection of shopping bags looking for “cool ones” to carry my gym clothes to school in. But, it also doesn’t remind me of that AT ALL.


5 Responses to “LOLZ”

  1. Mightytaiger Says:

    mmm, don’t know what to think…I’m annoyed and wanting to laugh at the same time.
    I think it’s because the person probably thought..”this is S000 clever” or something like that, like it is really making a fashion statement.
    That’s just my guess though.

  2. Kaitty Bergin Says:

    Not gonna hold up nearly as well as a real Chanel bag would…just sayin.

  3. An old joke well executed. Kind of love it.

  4. Yes! This is hilarious

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