What Happened to Melody Malone?


In the early 1980’s Melody Malone seemed to be on the verge of becoming Hollywood royalty.  With a lucrative Record deal penned, the soon to emerge style icon was set to take the world by storm.  With ‘Beyond the Sea of our Love’, the young starlets first leading role, set to begin filming in October of 1983, Melody was on the top of her game, a staple in the A-list club scene, and treating Hollywood like it was her welcome mat. Melody Malone was a rising star bursting on the horizon of Tinsel Town.

Then it happened.  The disappearance of Melody Malone, in the midst of stardom, on her way to the top, with nothing standing in the way.  Some say it’s ironic; others say it’s remuneration.  It may be ingeniousness or inevitability in a town known to eat the innocent alive?  We may all think we know, but really no one is sure…. What happened to Melody Malone?

Simona, a close model friend stated, “I think everyone just figured she had moved back home and finally come to her senses, that the whole Hollywood thing just wasn’t going to happen for her.  But when Sara Robinson, a girl we all knew, had supposedly came back as Melody Malone, we knew she had finally lost it.”

Was Sara Robinson now living the dream as a girl named Melody Malone, lighting up Tinsel Town in a way she always dreamed of?  But at what cost?  How high could she soar before her wings began to falter under the burning light of scrutiny surrounding her rise to fame?  These are the questions we all ask, was innocence lost, was it delusional, just what happened to Melody Malone?

Watch The Melody Malone Hollywood Story and post your Melody sightings HERE.


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