This has absolutely nothing to do with Spencer Pratt’s sister.


This is entirely about the bathing suit she is wearing. That’s not true. This is about the bathing suit BOTTOM she is wearing. I don’t know who invented these. If there is a name for them? They all look like this. They have a thick waist band and a triangle of fabric to cover your “triangle” of whatever. They literally look like colorful jock straps. Like sweaty disgusting ball holders. I don’t understand why I would want a bathing suit like this? I’m glad I don’t have a penis. I thank god everyday for my vagina. Ok that’s obviously not true.

But maybe i will start doing that. Ya know?


4 Responses to “This has absolutely nothing to do with Spencer Pratt’s sister.”

  1. Jessicaaaaaa Says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about! hahaha

  2. sarah morrison Says:

    OH GOOD! haha

  3. mmmmaryjane Says:

    triangle! a perfectly pc way to describe the area on my body that is disturbingly fatter now that im pregnant. make it go away!

  4. DDDDDDiinnaaaaa Says:

    Victoria Secret’s semi-annual sale is flll of them. I dunno, I kind of like it. I get this cool extra fabric I get to fold over the sides. Plus, you get extra fabric to pull up when you bend over, so your crack doesn’t show.

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