Things that aren’t funny confuse me


I knew this whole Bruno debacle was on it’s way. I hadn’t watched a trailer or anything due to the fact it’s not 1985 and i wasn’t aware that pretending to be flamboyantly gay was still even sorta socially acceptable. And then I went to the movies. And I saw the full trailer.  It was sorta shocking. It was uncomfortable. It wasn’t funny. It was definitely sort of offensive. I looked to my left and right to see other people’s reactions. They were all laughing. It baffled me.

I saw Borat. I’ve watched Ali G. While neither particularly appeals to me, I did see the humor in some of it. It was ridiculous and silly. And while both definitely bordered on offensive. You found yourself more confused by the morality in the whole thing, than it the morality of the character itself.

But this…not so much.



6 Responses to “Things that aren’t funny confuse me”

  1. mmmmaryjane Says:

    i havent seen borat and i may have seen an ali g skit or two..maybe not. i dont think this bruno stuff looks funny, like at all. maybe if you were an 11 year old boy it would be funny. i just completely dont understand how its considered ‘funny’ to pretend to be gay. its very stereotypical and just like..not funny. idk. havent we all heard these gay jokes a zillion times already?

  2. sarah morrison Says:

    yeah i really dont get it. its really awkward

  3. Oops, I kind of love him. Maybe because in real life, he is British, highly educated, and zexy.

    And maybe I’ve always been jealous of people who can make fun of stupid people to their faces. Just like that little, plastic, triumph dog who goes to nerd conventions and festivals. :/ Shrug.

  4. My problem with this (Bruno) is that I feel like he is making fun of/perpetuating stereotypes of the gay community more than making fun of those who are prejudiced against them. I felt this about the Borat movie to a lesser degree, as well. I used to watch and enjoy Ali G, because it had more of a social commentary, and I do like Sascha Baron Cohen. I just feel like his movies, in particular Bruno, are more offensive for the groups they are parodying, instead of those who are intolerant of said groups (if that makes sense).

  5. mmmmaryjane Says:

    i get what elise is saying. it does seem more like hes one of those people who kind of buy into all the stereotypes and hes acting as one of them making fun of it all. i feel like it could perhaps be funny if he were acting more like an actual gay person, making fun of people who buy into those stereotypes.

  6. He looks like Andy Sandberg here.

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