I hope this photo doesn’t give anyone nightmares


Jeremy Scott did a line for this whole Barbie debacle that is infiltrating a bunch of grown folks lives. I was at Fred Segal for my friend Claudia’s pop-up shop. She was talking. I was pretending to listen. Because behind her were these LEGGINGS.. These Barbie print leggings pictured on either side of the scary face above. It was like they were calling me like how the TV talked to that weird lil girl in the Poltergeist. I feel like they need me. But I have no idea what I plan to wear with them or where I plan to wear them without being judged….

Oh and yes, there is also a BODYSUIT.



3 Responses to “I hope this photo doesn’t give anyone nightmares”

  1. Scary he-she up there. GO FOR THE BODYSUIT.

  2. I can’t wait to see a bunch of grown women wearing this shit.

  3. ha ha i am thoroughly frightened by that person. the bodysuit sounds either like a great or idea, or completely crazy.

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