Neither Solange nor Solange’s vagina look very good in her Rainbow Brite/M.I.A costume



10 Responses to “SADFACE”

  1. ok, ew!!

  2. Oh my gosh. Beastly! My eyes.

  3. Nessienessa Says:

    i thought this was new york….who is this?

  4. sarah morrison Says:


    sorry half way thru the day i tried to get trevor to fix the white bar on the screen and something bad happened. too many people fucked with it. and we broke the whole site. i think its readable at least now.

  5. oh, oh…oh, that *is* unfortunate…

  6. did she forget to check herself in the mirror?
    she needs to quit this fahreal.

  7. misfitadventures Says:

    hahaha camel toes make me giggle

  8. Awwww poor girl. She tried..

  9. Anonymous Says:

    ew ew ew ew im srry she had to wear tht tht is one nasty thing thts all i hv to say im feel so bad for u girl tht must hv been un comfertable

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