I still don’t get Lady Gaga

Here is her new mini-movie/video  for her newest single “Paprazzi.” In the 8 minutes, I DID learn that doing dudes on a balcony is NOT safe, no matter how sexy the circumstances. What I did NOT learn is just about everything else I don’t understand about Lady Gaga. I still don’t get if she is trying to be some sort of sex symbol or if she is actually into dudes? Nor do i fully understand what kind of music this is.

But I don’t ever really understand anything fully. Since in general, nothing ever makes any sense.


6 Responses to “I still don’t get Lady Gaga”

  1. This video is like…everything I ever wanted Missbehave to be. She’s working with weaven steven now too, of course.

  2. mmmmaryjane Says:

    i just cannot get on the lady gaga train. i dont know what it is.

  3. Britany Pracchia Says:

    I am prety sure that the 3 long haired blond dudes on the couch with her at like 5 minutes into this video are the same 3 brothers that were on the first Daisy of Love episode.

  4. Nessienessa Says:

    I do not care for this lady or her music. I tried, I actually skipped thru her album a bit when a friend told me I had to give her a chance but it just sounded like a bunch of noise. I dig her fashion sometimes tho.

  5. I really don’t understand Lady GaGa I REALLY don’t want to like her, and yet, with the exception of that weird video she did with the pizza and spaghetti, I can’t help but love her. what kind of music is this anyway?!

  6. Her label’s CEO was like “whats all this electronic music these kidz r listening to these days..hmm can we get some aa that??” I dont even know, but it might explain the record hat made of hair..Wait, no, no it doesn’t.

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