I am not good at “flats.” My shoe collection is 70 percent four inch heels, 15 percent sneakers, and 15 percent boots. I would like to own flats. But they are generally boring looking or weird or are Gladiator sandals. These are ALMOST cute. I would even have ALMOST bought them if they hadn’t been 395 pounds, which when translated to “English” comes out to way more than 395 dollars. In my mind “flats” are like 1/10 of a regular shoe and therefore should cost such.

So back to my impractical footwear collection it is!

Another dilema not solved by the mysterious “internet.”


4 Responses to “FLATS!”

  1. They’re 20% off for non EU countries? But flat shoes shouldn’t be more than $20??

  2. mmmmaryjane Says:

    flats are kinda dumb to me but only cause i live in hawaii and 100% live in rubber slippers.

  3. Marissa Says:

    ballet flats?? a staple for moi

  4. Flats are amazing, when you’re 5’10”.
    Fairy Tales are True brand looks good on everyone! & they’re cheaper.

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