Who is Olivia Munn and why is she on the cover of Playboy?


I asked some boy who Olivia Munn was once. He explained that she is a VJ type on that channel G4, which is apparently an entire channel devoted to video games. (Well, that’s my understanding at least) I am not sure if it’s a channel on “the TV” or on “the internet.” I didn’t want to ask said boy for fear of seeming really uninformed. From there, I began following her on Twitter. Months later she still hadn’t said anything interesting, nor given me any insight into who the hell she was, so I gave up. Now she is on the cover of Playboy, and I am looking for answers. Question mark?

And Playboy if you are listening, I am “available” most days and evenings at a very economical rate.


7 Responses to “Who is Olivia Munn and why is she on the cover of Playboy?”

  1. mmmmaryjane Says:

    mhm g4 is like a video game channel on tv. ive seen the show she hosts before..i think. and thats only cause they did a little feature about girls gone weed so my picture was on it. i think shes ‘famous’ cause geeky boys think shes cute.

  2. sarah morrison Says:

    oh ok. its a basic cable channel? like i must have it? i want to study her further….

  3. Wildride Says:

    Olivia Munn is co-host of “Attack of the Show” which covers the gamut of gaming, entertainment, electronics, gadgets and the internet. Up here in Canada it’s only available on digitial cable and satellite (actually it’s a canadianized version called G4 Tech TV). I don’t know where you’d find it on your cable dial. Check out her blog at oliviamunn.com where she’s probably a lot more interesting than her tweets.

    I think you’d like her.

  4. shes not even naked in the issue

  5. mmmmaryjane Says:

    i dont think its on like basic cable but if you digital of any sort you probably have it.

  6. I just found G4 on my parent’s basic cable! Weird…

  7. Her head looks like its been cut and pasted onto that body using the Paint tool.
    Bad photoshopping right thurrr

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