Movies about retarded people and the actors in them

I could watch movies about the mentally challenged for days. I like the simplicity in them, in the heart of them. That pure innocent unaffected by the world tug at your heart strings like no other feeling, you only get from watching these types of films.  But THE THING about this genre of movies is SURE when they go right they go HORRIBLY RIGHT. Ex. My Name is Sam. (I can cry just watching the trailer. See above.) But, when they go wrong they go HORRIBLY WRONG. Ex. The Other Sister (feel free to disagree.)

Cause that’s the tricky thing about movies about the mentally challenged, some actor has to play said character in the movie. And sure while some say it could make or break at actor’s career, it can also make or break my desire to want to sleep with said actor. And, I don’t know that I would be able to get that image of an awkward mentally challenged Giovanni Ribisi in The Other Sister out of my head while in bed. But, Sean Penn…

Sean Penn can have me anyway he wants me.


2 Responses to “Movies about retarded people and the actors in them”


  2. sarah morrison Says:

    I don’t think Leonardo Dicaprio is hot. he looks like a little boy 😦

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