Seriously, PURPLE colored contacts?


So I got contacts. I won’t bore you with whining about putting them in and taking them out and such. What I WILL bore you with is the optometrist who spent 30 plus minutes trying to convince me to get COLORED contacts. If you’ve never met me, take a quick look at a MS paint collage of me on the banner on the top of this page. OK, so now everyone is aware I am off-white/light-brown girl, black hair, and brown eyes.

So this guy is pulling out these contacts; greens and blues. He keeps holding them up to my face. He’s shaking his head, putting them back down, and pulling out new ones. I don’t manage to say a thing. AND, I’ve never had contacts. While I know regular ones exists, maybe this IS the norm? I let him continue. I eventually manage to mumble something enough to get his attention. He stops and looks at me. I sort of articulate something like “I think I would look weird with anything but brown eyes?”

He seems upset. AND, I feel bad because he IS being so helpful. He admits to understanding my concerns with the blue ones. But continues to insist I HAVE to get these green ones. I have never even thought about having a different eye color. I’ve never even dyed my hair. I don’t think I am the kinda girl in the market for a new set of eyeballs. So I eventually manage to distract him with a question about something else. I end up leaving with my own brown eyes.

But, are people wearing these? Do girls do this? Are there brown girls with fake blue eyes?

I think Tony Morrison would want to know too!


10 Responses to “Seriously, PURPLE colored contacts?”

  1. i think girls (and possibly male ravers) were wearing colored contacts a few years ago. its kinda…weird. ive also never dyed my hair nor am i a fan of makeup and other things used to change or ‘better’ your apperance so to me colored contacts are equally stupid. even if you have brown eyes, which i do, each persons eye shade is totally unique and usually have varying colors and stuff in them anyway..why would you want to cover that up?

  2. I tried a bunch of these on a little while ago, but the samples have techno logos embedded in them so that they won’t get sold on the black market. Anyway, they all made me look like a robot, so I passed.

  3. There was a really hot brown girl in my high school (ca. 1996) that wore the purple or “amethyst” contacts. I approve wholeheartedly. However, I do NOT approve of Mr. Pushy’s insistence that you get said colored contacts. You probably would look weird with blue or green.

  4. I’m a light skinned hispanic girl and I totally had blue contacts in 1995. They were all the rage back then. I didn’t even NEED contacts but I forced my parents to pay $150 for that shit. I got real lazy with them and would put them in a cup of water when I didn’t have a lens case. One day my friend’s grandma ended up pouring them down the drain.

  5. Nessienessa Says:

    Yeah colored contacts are still around. I see girls in my town wearing gray contacts. GRAY?!!!
    I have to admit, I too am a light skinned hispanic girl and back in middle school, I sported some green colored contacts but that was like 13 yrs ago.
    I’ve never seen anyone with purple tho.
    Paris Hilton wears blue contacts. Her eyes are naturally brown.

  6. I wore purple contacts all throughout highschool..loved them..they just dont get enough oxygen to your eye though and I finally realized my natural green color is where its at.

  7. stephdispoto Says:

    I have brown eyes and I got the gray contacts. They never fit your eyes properly and if you keep your eyes open for a little while (like when looking at the computer screen) they slide and you see the color. Real silly. Wore them on Halloween and chucked the rest. They were expensive too =o(

  8. I have brown eyes and I really want blue contacts do you think it will look good? If not, what color do you recommend?

  9. Marquis Saelac Says:

    Hey my name is Marquis Saelac..(I am a male) It’s the first time I enter this website and comment smth.. I just wanna say that my eyes colour is dark brown.. Whenever I buy lens(usually I will pick the green ones) it doesn’t pair my eyes.. So I buy another colour(chocolate)..and it really suit my eyes!! But I still want green eyes for myself🙁..can you give some advice for me to choose lenses?

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