Your nail polish looks like gross


After a brief run with green nail polish and a day out and about with Christine and hear flourescent yellow nail polish, I have decided neither of these colors are OK to use as nail polish. Green, yellow, and nails don’t really go to together unless your toenails and fingernails are rotting away, covered in boils and warts and other witch-like medical conditions. It is gross when you think about it. Obviously, I have been thinking about it.

I say we stick to the basics.

6 Responses to “Your nail polish looks like gross”

  1. eeeh, the polish in that pic looks extra weird & lumpy.. wuhh hahappened?

  2. today I am wearing “Pink Lemonade” by Essie.

  3. haha nice paint job sarah! yeaaaah, greens, yellows…just not really working.
    i also can’t use black on my toenails… looks odd to me.

  4. sarah morrison Says:


    i just found that google image searching and it was especially horrible EVEN the nail job.

  5. Cecelia Says:

    those are rather disgusting.

  6. that isnt nail polish! those r leaves glued onto the nails! and green can look good sometimes im wearing green right now and it is beautiful it all depends on the shade!

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