Stop shaving parts of your head, Please.


Famed VH1 reunion show host Lala Vasquez has followed in the footsteps of Cassie Ventura and decided to randomly shave part of her head as well. Please stop doing this.

This “trend” is about as edgy as the “nose ring.”


8 Responses to “Stop shaving parts of your head, Please.”

  1. but it’s so fun!

  2. ugh…not another one.
    stick to shaving your vaginas ladies cause this is not cute. thanks.

  3. yeah it as edgy as getting a nose ring…but i think it looks good on lala i didn’t like it on cassie.

  4. EWWWWW.
    Hair is supposed to please the eye, not make everyone wonder about your mental stability.
    Why not pull a Britney and take it all off?

  5. I just think the issue is whyyyy are they leaving the rest of it long and silky?? they need to put effort into styling their entire head!

  6. Shit. You’re gonna totally hate my new haircut 😦

  7. I seriously thought about doing this, maybe just because I am miserable being unemployed and want to do something crazazy for a ‘change’…even though I tried on a Salt-n-Pep-ish wig and I have a feeling if short hair on one side didn’t look right, shaved wouldn’t either 😦

    Alice Delal is still the orig and best. But LaLa looks kinda like she’s balding doesn’t she??

  8. Nessienessa Says:

    I am just dying to see their “growing out phases”

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