Perez Hilton: never really got it. Still don’t


I never really got the whole Perez Hilton thing. None of it ever really made sense to me. He was fat. He was gay. He was mean. That was his thing. And with that “thing” he he took on celebrities and other people he didn’t know and said really hurtful awful things about them using his distinct writing style of typos and inappropriately placed commas. And “everyone” loved it. And I never quite understood it


Upon following him on Twitter, I became even more confused. He is no longer fat, nor does he actually dislike any of these people. I watch him say adorable loving things to Lohan and Aubrey. And after his years of bashing poor lil teenage Miley’s every awkward teenage move, I am now watching him wish her sweet dreams with LOTSA X and O’s.

So is this all a sort of charade? A persona of sorts? Or is he just kissing these girls asses and whispering behind their backs?


2 Responses to “Perez Hilton: never really got it. Still don’t”

  1. i think with most of them he like, fake hates them. on his blog he trashes them but in ‘real life’ hes cool with them, that way they tip him off to things so he gets first details and shit like that. thats defintely the situation with heidi and spencer. it confuses me also. its all for publicity.

  2. agree w/ alissa.

    him and the celebs are all in it. he talks shit, but it gives the celebrities publicity and attention, thus more readers for him. it’s win win for everyone! isn’t he even a freaking A&R rep.?? record labels pay him tons of cash i’m sure to either totally kiss artists’ asses (katy perry) or talk mad shit (lily allen). nowadays that’s what you gotta do to make it. sad, but true.

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