It’s definitely ME :(


Every time I see girls in those super long dresses, I sort of gasp and sigh and wish I could pull it off.  THEN I finally tried one on and convinced myself I looked really cute and totally normal. But when I got to the register with said dress, Brooke started laughing and wouldn’t let me buy it. I knew she was right deep inside. But I wanted her to be WRONG.

Who looks normal in these things? Short people? Hippies? Is it because I’m neither? Or do my friends hate me and NOT want me to wear long pretty dresses and feel fancy cause they are mean and evil?



12 Responses to “It’s definitely ME :(”

  1. marshmallory Says:

    i have one and i don’t care if i look funny in it, because i love it. same with skinny jeans–there is a good possibility that they make me look fat, but i like them so i wear them. so if you want to wear a maxi dress, wear one and fuck what anyone else says.

  2. sarah morrison Says:

    what kind of shoes would i wear? like sandal type flats right? no heels right?

  3. stephdispoto Says:

    well i’m 5’2 and i look like crap in these too. the only people who look good are those lacking in the bottom area.

  4. jennifer Says:

    or they could hide a lumpy bottom area.

    i think you’d look cute in one. heels… to extend your legs to give the appearance that you are taller. i imagine myself tripping all over the damn things and i’m only 5’6″! i won’t even try one on, i’m clumsy. i also hate when certain fabrics on skirts/dresses go between my thighs when i’m walking.

  5. i personally wouldnt wear heels with one, only sandals, flats, gladiators, etc..theya re too summery for heels

  6. argh i think people look so cute in these too but i feel like a total douche in them. i either feel too fancy or too pajama-ey or something. fuck. and im tall and thin, well im pregnant now but whatever im thin with a big stomach. anyway, no clue as to why these dont work for us :/ maybe its a virgo thing?

  7. sarah morrison Says:

    yeah EXACTLY either too fancy or two pajama-y. good job alissa. thats exactly how i feel.

    couldnt you wear a less hippy one.?LIKE a solid simpler one with sneakers? i wanna make this work within my own style realm and WITHOUT gladiator sandals.

    for some reason people who dont know me dont realize im 5’9. i feel like they make you look taller and im all good on that point.

  8. I really love these because I have a lumpy bottom area.

  9. I am way too short so I would probably have to hem it. All of my clothes are too long. What can make someone taller without having to put on those stilts?

    haha, sarah i think you are thinking way too much about it. I bet it looks really cute. But, minus the gladiator sandals.

  10. ive tried on a solid color one and that looked too pajama-ey. the printed ones i’ve seen feel too fancy. maybe theres some sort of belt or other accessory that would be the solution? im no good with accessories. i think would wear a printed one barefoot. that would counter act the fanciness. but idk if you can go barefoot in l.a or nyc or wherever the heck you are these days.

  11. I almost bought one like a month ago. For me it’s a question of “Where am I going to wear this?” … I came up with these scenarios :

    1. Having breakfast at a restaurant on the beach where the tables are actually in the sand. Worn with equally bohemian accessories.

    2. Need something to wear to drum circle/potluck at Yoga studio, don’t forget the tabouli!

    I think if u find the right long dress for your style/situation then definitely wear it. My hair is not long enough?

  12. I want one of these dresses cause I’m attracted to the pajama-y part, but I’m hoping its a pajama-y feel not look. Plus you get to wear a non-pants bottom and you can sit spread eagle. No underwear no problem.
    Sarah, you could totally rock one of these. I say strappy platform wedges if sandlas arent your thing. Or just regular strappy wedges since youre on the tall side. My best friend is 5’11”, so it could be worse.

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