My favorite sport


I love Skeball. It’s like bowling but funner and better and you win stuff at the end. I want to become a professional Skeeball player or marry one or something. I also want a Skeeball machine in my house. I am going to always win.


3 Responses to “My favorite sport”

  1. ive always been really good at skeball. that and air hockey or whatever its called. the table with the air coming out of it and you hit the little pucks back and forth. oh and one night while underage i was in a bar and totally kicked everyones ass at shuffleboard. they bought me drinks.

  2. Jason R. Says:


  3. sarah morrison Says:

    I kinda wish it was like gambling or sum shit so i could win money at it instead of stuffed animals and slap bracelets tho.

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