Like chocolate but it doesn’t taste good.


Whats a collab you would be mad into? Soap and chocolate right? Cool. Cause luckily that already exists. It’s called White Chocolate. It’s got the same melt in your mouth capacity as regular chocolate but it tastes like nothing and has the exact same amount of calories. You can chew on a bar of soap tho for zero calories. I am gonna do that instead.


6 Responses to “Like chocolate but it doesn’t taste good.”

  1. BLASPHEMY!!!!

  2. That’s just racist.

  3. white chocolate is my favorite…its yumumy…i actually hate dark chocolate!!!! white chocolate for life

  4. Jessica Says:

    Agreed. I loathe white chocolate.

  5. marshmallory Says:

    white chocolate is SICK. and not in the good way.

  6. White chocolate is totally disgusting, and milk chocolate makes me ill, too. I will only eat dark Vegan chocolate, with no milk. White chocolate is basically nothing but milk and sugar and fat. Yuk!

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