Winehouse: the new Lauryn Hill?

Amy's cry for help

One album that never ceases to get rotation on a road trip with a carload of girls or a long day at the office is the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It’s a  no fail. Every girl knows that album. Every girl loves that album. Every girl can tell you some story about a boy or a bestie or a bar-mitzvah and relate it to that album. Generally it leads to some conversation about how Lauryn Hill  has been making her follow up album for ten years. Rumors of her diva and crazy girl antics are discussed. Then everyone sighs and bursts into an off-key rendition of For Zion.

But it wasn’t until a recent road trip to SXSW with four girls and heavy rotation of another comparable lady and her album did I realize this. Amy Winehouse may BE the new Lauryn Hill. Every girl out of a training bra owns or illegally acquired a copy of Back to Black. As Winehouse parades around topless or shoeless or sanity-less, we sing along in a car somewhere. Hoping she is working on that new album, that in all actuality won’t ever exist. In all probability we will bop along to that album for the next ten years; on road trips or around the kitchen while making dinner. We will make margaritas to Rehab and nurse our hangovers to Back to Black. We will know somewhere out there Winehouse is doing the same thing. Lauryn Hill? Well, yeah her too obviously.


4 Responses to “Winehouse: the new Lauryn Hill?”

  1. misfitadventures Says:

    i’m reluctant to say this, but damnit Sarah Morrison you may be right!

  2. Wish there was an “ilike” button on blogs.

  3. Nessienessa Says:

    sounds like another day at the salon…

  4. marshmallory Says:

    you’re right about the musical aspect of this, but i think amy is actually the new janis joplin. no one really thinks lauryn hill is going to end up dead from an overdose, but sadly i feel like that’s where this is going to end with winehouse.

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