I don’t get silver at all.


These are some of the greatest earings I have ever seen. But for some strange reason, at the last second SOMEONE decided to ruin them by making them silver. There isn’t a lot of insightful thought processes behind my deep hatred for silver. I simply like gold. Fake gold. Real gold. Gold. It’s prettier. It’s shinier. It is betterer. Silver is for hippies. So are hacky sacks. So is Burning Man. And, you don’t wanna end up there…..DO YOU?



10 Responses to “I don’t get silver at all.”

  1. ooh sarah i love you but this is where we differ. hippies are for lovers and silver is our god.

  2. sarah morrison Says:

    alissaaaaaaa noooooooooooooooooooo

  3. betseyj Says:

    soooooo true.
    gold always wins.

  4. SO temped to spend all my moneys on these right now.
    Team silver.

  5. weird, i remember you saying on myspace and friendster many years ago that you hated gold…

  6. gold matches you, sarah. idk why but it does.

  7. I don’t really like how the type on your new blog is double justified. Just sayin’

  8. What about Platinum, Sarah?

  9. Loving these earrings!! I like Sally’s suggestion for platinum though. Gold just doesn’t look good on me

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