Fear of video games


I play Snood in my downtime. Sometimes Tetris. I have even been known to play Brickbreaker on the L train. But when it comes to games and groups and people and competition I panic. I unknowingly went over to one of my friend’s sisters apartments over Christmas. I presumed to eat leftovers and compare Xmas presents. Instead I walked into a full on Guitar Hero marathon. I was instantly given drum sticks and brief instructions and soon enough my heart is pounding my brain is racing and I am attempting to keep up with the song and failing and panicking accordingly. Two minutes in, I forfeit and opt to become a spectator instead. I mean I will wander off to play Skeeball at Dave and Busters, but I am not going to play DDR on the Santa Monica pier. Maybe I am scared of losing? Maybe it’s the 12 year old girl inside me? Maybe my friends are better than me? Maybe I am worse than them?

Maybe I am just the kind of girl who plays Tetris in her room in the dark alone. Yup. Maybe I am that girl.


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